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Let me explain that "free" word, and no this is not the fine print this is the reality of store development. 


Do you know what you are paying in brokerage fees every time you open a new store? If not you need to go find out. Hypothetically, it could be in the tens of thousands of dollars per project. Sometimes you get some good work out of your brokers. My guess is that they are not producing for you what you are seeing here. 


So are we free?


In most case we get paid through commissions that you are already paying to your current brokers. Let us do your research for the same price.


If you would rather pay for analysis and move on than we can do that too. I really don't like companies that tease you with pricing information with a caveat like "Call for Pricing", but what we can do is quite varied depending on your needs so each project is different.


As an example a Grocery Gravity Model--$4,000 to $7,500 depending on the trade area size and number of models you want. Most simple mapping tasks are in the range of $300-$1,000.


The real value is to capitalize on money you are already spending in real estate commissions.







Information and experience working for you.