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RDC Inc. was started in 1988 by Robert Smith after leaving a 40 year career as a corporate real estate manager in the supermarket industry. Robert started as a store manager in Iowa and worked through the ranks in store operations and eventually store development. Companies like Nash Finch, General Grocers, Super Foods, and Alterman Foods all benefited from his experience and knowledge of the grocery business and store location research. After the purchase of Alterman Foods, Robert realized the gap that existed in the retail real estate market and formed Retail Development Consultants Inc. to meet the needs of both retailers and developers.


The foundation was set by analyzing real estate sites for the supermarket operators and their developers using proven methods of regression analog modeling systems to forecast sales and validate each site by these merits.


In 1995 his son Tom joined RDC Inc. after 10 years as a corporate real estate director for Bruno's Food Stores, Morrisons Restaurant Group, and Advance Auto Parts. In doing so, RDC Inc. has expanded into GIS mapping techniques for real estate analysis and continued doing gravity model sales forecasting for the supermarket industry. Along with sales forecasting models, we could now examine market penetrations and new market potentials in a different dimension. When displayed on large format maps, both RDC Inc. and our clients can visually see the math and analysis that supports each market.


Another dimension began when other types of retail uses were examined using the same principles that the supermarket industry uses. Areas with unmet retail demand were noticed and customer profiles were developed for power center type retailers. Customer spotting and identification are used to locate new markets for all retailers and restaurants. Knowing who your customer is becomes a key to unlocking new market penetration.  


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